Overshadowing Shadows

Medium:Performance, Mixed Clay, Paper Duration: 1 Hour Year:2017 Photo Credit: Feiyi Wen

Catch or Throw

Size:78w” x 86.6h” x 118d”(in) 200w x 220h x 300d(cm) Printed On Cotton-Size:100w x 180h(cm)

Holding the Body

Size236.3”w x 63”h x 118.1”d600w x 160-550h x 300d(cm) MediumFabric,Mixed Clay Performance Year2018

New Resident Series

Size:22w” x 30h”(in) 56w x 76h(cm) Medium:Mixed Clay, Pencil, Paper Year:2017

It’s too Painful to Say

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmxYlZBHxJ8 Medium:Performance, Mixed Clay Duration:10mins Year:2017

A Wall: Self-protection

Size:79w x 59h x 79d(in) 200w x 150h x 200d(cm) Medium:Performance, Mixed Clay, Wood, Plaster